Recipes and masks to take care of your feet appliances

The skin at the area of the feet and ankles are at all in the whole body. It is thicker than the elbows too, so interest to stay out of the soft things that need special attention.

In addition to the appearance of bad ankles caused by the drought, it also causes severe pain. It is a problem plaguing many unnecessarily so, the solution is simple and available.
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The following is a review together some masks home that will soften the feet, ankles and private. Some of these masks cannot be tried elsewhere on the body; it has to be strong and will not be borne by the skin.
Drenched vinegar
Bring a large pot and to half of warm water. Add to it a drop of liquid dish detergent, and then add nearly a cup of white vinegar.

Put your feet in the vessel for a period of approximately 30 minutes. After the specified period, rinse your feet with a towel and dried cotton, then put a special cream moisturizer skin very dry, and wear cotton socks immediately. This is the way of the best ways to treat the ankles with severe drought, according to the opinions of dermatologists.

Drenched baking soda
Also effective ways to treat dry ankles, put the feet for a period of 30 minutes drenched in baking soda, and prepared, put half a cup of baking soda per gallon of warm water. Well my heart melts evenof soda in the water and then my feet the highest for the period mentioned. Then rinse your feet and then put moisturizing cream and wear cotton socks.

Products to get rid of dandruff
Products to get rid of dandruff usually contain salicylic acid is responsible for getting rid of the accumulated crusts on the scalp. It is possible to exploit this property to resist cracking the ankles and also to get rid of the layer of dry them.

So was acquired one of these products, and Put a small amount of it on the ankles and leave minutes, then rinse and moist and Wear socks as we mentioned in the previous methods.

Cream and parsley

Finally, the choices of other wonderful and safe also on the health of your skin this lye Verde component from the leaves of parsley and cream.

Once a week and palliative enjoy the wonderful characteristic that contains them to treat pimples and alleviate pain. Mix 3 tablespoons of cream with a tablespoon of chopped parsley leaves and mix Put on your face for 10 minutes and then Just wax with rose water.

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Other tips for safe handling of pimples:
Besides the application of one of the previous recipes, you need to follow the following tips to avoid the spread.

Avoid touching or peeling your skin blisters existing hands so as not to spread to all parts of the skin and keep it raised the long-term.
Avoid touching your faces with your hands are not clean or dusty In case you touch the blisters Wash your hands immediately before touching another part of the skin.

If your skin is oily cosmetics avoid creamy or oily.
Drink daily a wealth of water in at least 8 glasses of water is a natural repellent toxins and bacteria.

Melting snow moves Ebro 7

Get rid of fat in the belly and can be difficult sometimes boring . to give you some recommendations in this regard, the most important sport to melt . Therefore, you must sports. Pilates: This abdominal exercise , back strengthening and balance wins. Thus, your body is rapidly developing and strengthening exercises. After a few weeks you will see the start of the impact . Got to learn to belly before training.

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If we want to achieve more successful results, you must follow the rules of the sport. If you apply them , came he approached the delicate stomach can not take a break rehearsals . You can get into shape with palates training, the melting of snow 7 . Only 10 minutes a day is enough to distinguish . Ladies , it's time to work ... Training - 1 at an angle of 90 degrees knees , put your hands behind neck , elbows should be open . Position while breathing in. stomach and well on your shoulders toward your knees , putting. Repeat 15 times . Exercise - Lie on your back for 2 Yes Refining this workout , legs bunkum knees , hands behind your neck , elbows open and should be away from the jaw.

When every breath extending one leg with the other foot, knee cross near the upper part of your body slightly to the right of the direction Repeat 6 times in both directions . Training - 3 This exercise works to melt fat, especially in the abdomen. Support your head with your hands. Elbows should be open until the end. Extend your feet.

Take a breath, when head and knees together. When the feet to breathe in the open , must be harvested while . Repeat the movement 15 times. Training - 4 is sleeping on one's back and legs, knees bunkum look right . The top portion of the stomach while breathing from the inside, keeping a back lift , the inner portion of the foot , a hand , take another wild side , extend the other leg . Change when your feet every breath. Both feet 5 times, for a total of 10 times, repeat. Training - 5 feet below the flat , the inside of the abdomen , eyes looking up , hands should be on the sides . Feet breathe.

Give up your breath while lifting one leg straight. Repeat 15 times in each direction with changing leg . Training - 6 the train runs all the abdominal muscles, waist tenderness. Sit down, back straight , arms should be parallel to each other in the future , see. Take a breath in this position. Turn back sleeves, opened when sides.

Turning to the first position, Repeat other direction. To 15 times. Training - 7 Lie on your back , extend your legs straight up in the top , sides , arms , stomach look right . Breathing 5 times , 5 times in the right place short of breath while pushing exercise . Your hands shake as water.

If you have difficulties, you can exercise by bending your knees at an angle of 90 degrees . Repeat the movement 10 times.

Cellulite is the simple recipe

The problem could arise from all parts of the body, cellulite is simply an aesthetic devil Eying the swelling of the feet , a feeling of heaviness , the emergence of the arteries , bruises and even more serious ( heart) disease, the cause of the problem can become important in the treatment of cellulite avoid and drink plenty of water every day to get cellulite creams and massage along sports can be very helpful .
Cellulite Creams

I would like to offer you the most simple recipe for cellulite . What to do : 1 ) 5 pieces of lemon juice 2 ) 1 bottle of cream - children " s Baby Oil 3 ) Prepare 1 box of aspirin : aspirin crushed other equipment , body thoroughly and put on

Joy and strength moves
you physical exercise . In fact , their attitude towards your success or failure to achieve a decisive role in the no such activity that you enjoy and continue to deal with an option to help fight opponents that do not require forms of power and the importance of sport , especially strain at break can . For example , actions that do not require a complicated case good for golf , relaxation there is a fight between 2 players , the game is more important you want to view the best game of your life , not your competitors , the progress of the game against the hate- each less important for the health care .

To participate in the activities you enjoy , the burden of which is the same , but the more important activities that generate negative emotions Loma Linda University , which proved interesting experience in the health center . Medical students from among a group of volunteers , each with the same amount of cholesterol , fat, protein , carbohydrate , assuming diet each of them , their favorite physical exercise program, softball , tennis, swimming , jogging and so on. was offered to choose from .

Each day the amount of cholesterol in the blood of the people all of the cases within 3 days decrease in the quantity rather than the end of physical training stopped. The amount of cholesterol in the previous level as soon as possible , while still a bit more than the students do not enjoy the sport because of the tension when the load of the previous studies , as well as instruments the amount of cholesterol in the blood examination in all. , in some cases even increased.

Students who enjoy sports and returns , the amount of cholesterol in the practice exercises all of the benefits of the relationship, it is important to draw lessons emotions conveyed Classes Learn to love , or replace them to activities that you enjoy . We usually training program , sport games, gymnastics , weight imagine things that are important to your application , practical gardening , parks , construction and other important lessons to cover the added benefit to this type of the benefits are many , many more interior enjoy its realization .

Complications can infect abusers "Botox"

Beauty is more uses fame for Botox injections, which are used to reduce wrinkles, especially in the area of the forehead and around the eyes and at the lips and in the neck, as well as to reduce the wrinkles that are becoming more apparent when you laugh, can also be used Botox in the treatment of many conditions,

The mechanism, which works out Botox is the alleviation of muscle tension, which prevents the release of "acetylcholine," an article that hit the nerve impulses from the nerves to the muscles, resulting in the injury of paralyzed muscles, thereby reducing the severity of wrinkles.
Cellulite Removel Creams
To give the amount of inappropriate "Botox", or giving by non-experts can lead to several complications, including "rigid" or "flip amazed", which is one of the side effects of Botox injections is not appropriate in the face, since the first case arising from a large amount of Botox injections, and the second result from the injection asymmetric between both sides of the face.

It can also lead to the arrival of Botox facial muscles other non-muscle relevant to the occurrence of facial paralysis.
And using Botox also in the treatment of many conditions, such as muscle cramping because of cerebral palsy, it can help patients, especially children, to relieve muscle spasm they have, and could reach its therapeutic effect to help them to walk, where the treatment by injecting muscle spasm BOTOX under the supervision of a specialist doctor.

Botox treatment is considered as the only one who can sing for surgery in the treatment of the case “spastic", a state of spasm in the muscles of the neck region of one, leading to Milan head toward one side.

Botox can also be used for the treatment of strabismus and cases of excessive sweating, too, but are careful when using Botox, which can interfere with other medications, so you should inform your doctor or beauty expert for drugs covered by the person who receives the treatment.

In addition to the need to inform the doctor about the diseases that affect the person, especially infections, heart disease, neurological diseases, in addition to any type of allergy drugs.
It is noteworthy that Botox is the trade name for a protein called "toxin."

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