Complications can infect abusers "Botox"

Beauty is more uses fame for Botox injections, which are used to reduce wrinkles, especially in the area of the forehead and around the eyes and at the lips and in the neck, as well as to reduce the wrinkles that are becoming more apparent when you laugh, can also be used Botox in the treatment of many conditions,

The mechanism, which works out Botox is the alleviation of muscle tension, which prevents the release of "acetylcholine," an article that hit the nerve impulses from the nerves to the muscles, resulting in the injury of paralyzed muscles, thereby reducing the severity of wrinkles.
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To give the amount of inappropriate "Botox", or giving by non-experts can lead to several complications, including "rigid" or "flip amazed", which is one of the side effects of Botox injections is not appropriate in the face, since the first case arising from a large amount of Botox injections, and the second result from the injection asymmetric between both sides of the face.

It can also lead to the arrival of Botox facial muscles other non-muscle relevant to the occurrence of facial paralysis.
And using Botox also in the treatment of many conditions, such as muscle cramping because of cerebral palsy, it can help patients, especially children, to relieve muscle spasm they have, and could reach its therapeutic effect to help them to walk, where the treatment by injecting muscle spasm BOTOX under the supervision of a specialist doctor.

Botox treatment is considered as the only one who can sing for surgery in the treatment of the case “spastic", a state of spasm in the muscles of the neck region of one, leading to Milan head toward one side.

Botox can also be used for the treatment of strabismus and cases of excessive sweating, too, but are careful when using Botox, which can interfere with other medications, so you should inform your doctor or beauty expert for drugs covered by the person who receives the treatment.

In addition to the need to inform the doctor about the diseases that affect the person, especially infections, heart disease, neurological diseases, in addition to any type of allergy drugs.
It is noteworthy that Botox is the trade name for a protein called "toxin."

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