ANGIOEDEMA - Condition infrequent and complex symptoms

Some people suffering from a rare medical condition which suffer from many health problems and symptoms unrelated, and can not be understood by a lot of doctors. So most doctors choose in the diagnosis of this case Best Cellulite Programs

Explains consultant liver disease medicine and a member of the Royal College of Internal Medicine in London, the symptoms of this condition is complex symptoms, suffers a child of the bulge is not justified in

different parts of the body, all or some of them, such as the mouth and between the thighs and the lips are believed by many as a skin disease or an allergy or a type of eczema, a wrong diagnosis, but more symptoms famous among the patients in this case is a constant pain in the abdomen uninterrupted and does not show a clear reason in the tests and analyzes, and the nausea and stomach pain and the wall and diarrhea symptoms known.

This disease is a type of infusion in the veins and arteries and a clear imbalance in the blood compound C1 and C4 shows the imbalance of these two elements in the analysis and blood tests, a disease genotype generates its purely human.

And treating this condition varies from one state to another, are preventing the patient from eating certain foods and certain medications hit by allergies, and medication prescribed for each case, which suits.

How to prevent disease meningitis?

Specialist Toxicology and treasurer of the Medical Association meningitis or meningitis is an inflammation of the membrane surrounding the brain and inflammation that leads to the emergence of symptoms of headache and high temperature.

The disease is transmitted meningitis because of a viral infection, but it is also possible to cause infection bacterial and fungal meningitis fever and incubation lasts about two weeks. Or it may turn into a serious condition threaten human life where described as an emergency requiring immediate treatment.

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And show symptoms of meningitis increased temperature gradually reach a maximum of a few days after the injury and the patient feeling severe headache, nausea or vomiting with.

If left untreated, meningitis effective and fast, the complications such as damage or atrophy permanent nervous system: hearing loss, blindness, inability to speak and learning difficulties.

For the prevention of meningitis, we must know that the disease is contagious meningitis is transmitted from person to person through coughing or sneezing or kissing or sharing patient person in tools such as toothbrushes, eating utensils or even a cigarette.

So we have to maintain permanently on personal hygiene and stay away from pets, which may be considered as well, carrying the infection with this serious disease.

Meningitis patient presents to the loss of sight and hearing

Meningitis from serious diseases to humans, as it affects the brain, and has more damage on the human body, where it says specialist Internal Medicine in the United Kingdom, that bacterial meningitis is an accumulation of some bacteria on the membranes of the brain, causing inflammation.

This type of infection because of the different types of bacteria, including bacteria, sustainable, noting that the symptoms that injury begins headache rises gradually, with a high temperature, and then feeling neck, and disorders degree of perception and awareness among patient, then a state of nausea and vomiting, with the emergence of configurations Leather (granules) color "red bluish."
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To meningitis in total not exhibit contagious, but these bacteria may be transmitted to humans healthy, and remain inert, and that person becomes a carrier of the disease despite being a non-infected, noting that the seriousness of the disease is not in the injury as much as it is in complications that may result from such injury such as loss of hearing or eyesight.

The doctor, he is diagnosed disease through a blood test full, with an CT scan on the membranes of the brain, then the doctor select the type of bacteria causing the disease, then the patient is given antibiotics needed to treat those injury, stressing that there is a tendency to give doses lighter than the same drug to those close to the patient in order to protect the load from the disease.

Advised that for the prevention of this disease has to be dealt carefully with the patient, with the non-use of personal tools, and the rooms are well ventilated, as well as the need to give children in particular necessary vaccinations for the prevention of these bacteria.

How to make sure you're infected with tuberculosis?

Asks the reader: causes me in the winter is a skin disease beads inflamed in the leg, and soon disappear with the onset of spring, you do analysis on suspicion that he was told that "tuberculosis" is uncertain, but what can I do to make sure of that?

Answer Professor Chest Diseases, Cairo University, said: Tuberculosis is an infection that affects the body, and can infect most tissues, but mostly affects the respiratory system, causing symptoms such as persistent cough and phlegm, with loss of appetite, sweating and heat, have been mixed with phlegm with blood, It can cause changes in the appearance of the skin. And the way the spread of tuberculosis and infection by pointed to the next:
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Air: it passes through the infection of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis only, when the people with cough or speak, or spit or sneeze, they publish germs in the air, and transmitted the infection to humans through airborne droplets, or by inhalation of dust.

Food, especially milk: rarely transmitted through food and affects the intestines, but that which is transmitted in this way does not affect the lungs, and is not transmitted through the air.

He that the test result does not mean the disease can be positive when the carrying bacteria, and when the they were exposed to previously, and be positive when those suffering from the disease, so it is necessary to make sure there is no bacteria in the body, and this would be the work of the farm expectorant (sputum culture) and a blood test and X-ray to make sure the body free of bacteria.

Every bride to offer a way Foot Care

Bride my foot cares is so important for the rest of the preparations of the wedding dress and bouquet, skin care and make-up selection, etc. of the preparations, and in order to softness you only do this program before the wedding date to pedicures:

Before the wedding two weeks: Make sure to take care of clean feet, moisten them, and remove dead flesh from the skin around the nails of the feet, and put nail polish, to know the right color that you adopt your wedding day, as well as try bridal shoes, and at home for a period of not less than one hour, and better to on the stairs during, get off it, and dance as well.
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You need to know very well what if you choose the right one, to change it or replace it if necessary, and make sure the health of your feet, and if they are suffering from swelling or weakness of unknown causes.

Wedding Day: Bring a pair of shoes with a low heel For example, even worn when feeling tired at the end of an evening wedding, and my shoe Wedding Workshop of baby powder, to feet, and avoid complete dancing or walking in the event felt a wound is in your feet.

After an evening wedding: Soak your feet immediately with hot water and salt; to dislodge tiring day with them, if only for ten minutes, then up to feel that the blood returns to surround them, then put decent to them, it is best to wear a boot Medical Center in the period after the wedding, to repeat your life and comfort to your feet.
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